Saturday, June 18, 2011

State Parks in MN might close

ahhh, sad day when they have to close the state parks. It just makes Joel and I sick that this might happen. We are big fans of State Parks and do all we can to help support them. An annual Park sticker is $25. $25 a night for a site with electric. We buy fire wood, maps, field guides all from the State. Before we had Ruth, we were tenters and always stayed at a State Park. We also always got an electric site to plug in the heater and for the air pump for the air bed! Regardless of State, we support/supported State Parks. We have to wait it out for about another 1 1/2 weeks to find out what will happen. In the mean time, we have our fingers crossed that Ruth will beable to stay at a State Park.

This list of Minnesota state parks contains the 68 State Parks, seven state recreation areas, eight state waysides, and 22 state trails in the Minnesota state park system, totaling approximately 267,000 acres.  A Minnesota state park is an area of land in the U.S.State of Minnesota preserved by the state for its natural, historic, or other resources. Each was created by an act of the Minnesota Legislature and is maintained by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. The Minnesota Historical Society operates sites within some of them. The park system began in 1891 with Itasca State Park when a state law was adopted to "maintain intact, forever, a limited quantity of the domain of this a state of nature." Minnesota's state park system is the second oldest in the United States, after New York's.
Joel & Debbie

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