Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bernice is Home

Bernice came home last night! Dragged the Son in law along, he is a mechanic, and between Alex and Joel, we had her on the road within 20 minutes! Don, the PO, pumped up the tires the night before for us, and they held air! There was some concerns about the hitch, being old and rusted, but we had ran out there earlier to make sure she was cleaned out and get the light fixtures down, and Alex and Joel did some oiling and greasing on the hitch so it would drop, and it did! There was a problem with the jack slipping but with some persistence, it did go up, and then down! I followed, I was the tail lights on the way home, driving behind,  and Joel said she was easier to pull than Ruth. She rode straight and smooth with no swaying. A bumper sticker on her read....Don't laugh, Its paid for! Alex thought that was great!
We backed her in to our back yard. We have to use the neighbors driveway to back in, we have to many trees to get around. She has a broken back window, so put the blue tarp over her, set mouse traps, and let off a bomb in her! Peeked in the windows this morning and no mice and not many flying critters either. There is a wasp nest in there, but I don't do creepy or crawly things, that's a job for Joel! She is in pretty rough shape. Poor old gal. Can't help but feel sorry for these old trailers. We haven't finished Ruth yet, she still needs some cosmetic surgery! I know people still look at Ruth on the outside and get that small wrinkle on their face, but once they see the inside their eyes open up and you see the smile! Neighbor came over last night about 10:30 and told us to help him find an old trailer to fix up! No problem, unless its a Shasta, I'll keep that one! I'll post some pics soon as I get them DL'd! Oh almost forgot, Bernice is a 59'! And along with Bernice, we got the original birth certificate! (title)!!! We about fell over when he had that in the trailer waiting for us!
Joel & Deb

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