Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ruth's Popped Lid back on!

We were leaving when Ruth popped her lid. We were loaded, dog in the truck and heading out through the neighbors driveway. After hearing the clunking, asking Joel what that noise was...him finding Ruth's lid in the garden, Joel got to work. The adjusters popped out of the vent hood. They are machine pressed onto the hood. After TRYING for about 10 minutes to pop them back in, with no luck..called the son in law Alex to come over. They took the adjusters, (I know that is not the name for them) and filed off the little knob at the end, used the drill press to drill out, to put a bolt to hold it in place. Went to the hardware store so Alex could find a bolt with deep threads. Worked like a charm and much sturdier now than before. It pays to have a Mechanical Engineer in the family! The total cost for fixing Ruth's lid....$1.24! And off we went!
Alex went home so they could finish getting ready to go camping with us. We tried a few different private camp grounds this time but ended back at Forestville and got the last two spaces available for the busy weekend. It was "Take a kid fishing" weekend and the park was packed. So many activities going on at the park. Learning about Bats, Owls, fossil hunting, hiking. My grandson is quit the fisherman and this weekend Papa Joel taught him how to trout fish. Little guy did darn good! His first trout! Cooked it right up on the fire.
 Joel & Debbie

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