Monday, May 30, 2011

Is this a Sickness?

Well what do most people do on Memorial Day? Picnic? Visit Relatives? Go Camping?? Not us!! Well the relative part...ya, we did visit. BUT...there was a mission behind it! We are driving around yesterday on all the back country roads. Went out of town to visit a few past relatives. We come to an old "farm", a good old junk farm, to be exact...and I yell...TRAILER!! Hubby yells SHASTA!! In the driveway we go.. Knock on the door and no one is home, we don't want to go snooping around without permission. one home, lets take a look! We looked in the window and I told Joel that "Bernice" has got to come home with us! Bernice is older than Ruth by about 2-3 years. She is in about the same shape as Ruth was when we got her. So we hung around for a bit waiting to see if anyone came we left. Today we headed North looking for trailers. Stopped at one that hubby thought was a Shasta out in the field, but ended up being a Forester and not for sale. Its a hunting trailer...and yes it looks like one on the inside. So since we couldn't get Bernice out of our head..we headed south, hoping someone would be around to ask about her. Again no one was home. My uncle use to be a rural postman so drove over to their house, no one home. Then drove by my cousins and they were outside, asked them if they knew who lived there, they didn't but the farm is considered by town folk..the "funny farm". Not good! Not good at all. Then we went over to my other cousins house to visit for awhile, and their son was watching tv...he came out to join us and I asked him if he knew who lived there by chance, He SURE DID!! he tried to get ahold of them but still no one home. So after we visited for a while, off we went, just driving by to see if anyone was home and lo and behold...there was a car there, well there is several cars there! But not in driving condition. So we walk up to the door, knock and explain to the kid about looking for a trailer and is it for sale, ya, we're moving and it is for sale. Asking price?? OMG can't beat it!! So just have to get ahold of his dad and figure out when we can haul it away. She might have to go out on a flat bed, we're not real sure yet. One flat tire. It has most everything original but a lot of water damage.  She looks like Ruth but with no bunk above the dining room table.
Wanna see a pic of her??? She is a doll!!! We are guessing the year to be about 58' or 59'. She has the wooden screen door. We'll keep you posted on if she is going to be haulable! LOL
Joel & Deb

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