Sunday, September 12, 2010

Meet Ruth-Our 61' Shasta Trailer!

After looking for a retro trailer for over a year we finally found one close to home. We bought this named "Ruth" on August 31, 2010. We found her on Craig's List. So happy the search was over. We couldn't go anywhere without driving the back roads looking for the trailer in some wooded area, a corn field or a little town. We had no idea what we were going to look at. All we knew it was a Shasta 61 travel trailer! We drove up and it was LOVE at first sight! After the one hour check list we had, another hour of negotiating, the check wrote, Ruth was ours! We have a topper on our Ford Edge and was a little worried about hooking her up and not having the overhead of the trailer and the topper touch. It cleared by about 7 inches! Tires were good, Ruth was ready to roll on to her new home. One stop..Fleet Farm to get the lights hook-up...Hubby forgot it at home. So after some honking and yelling we had no tail lights..pulled into Fleet Farm and bought the hook-up and off we went on our 50 mile ride home! Pulled like a dream! Ruth sat in the driveway for two days and then hubby moved it to our small back yard. Ruth needs some TLC! The back end went off and new 1/4 inch Birch was installed yesterday. Ruth will be as close to original as we can get her without going broke! New wiring in, new wood for bed frame. New floor in the storage compartment under the bed. I'm not to good with all the "guy" stuff, but lend a heave or a ho when needed. This is going to be a fun journey$

If anyone knows the type of trailer Ruth is..would be appreciated if you would let us know. I'm guessing there aren't many out there, can't find one on the net. Ruth does not have the bathroom! Hope your retro travels come true like ours did!
Thanks for stopping by to start our journey with Ruth!
Joel & Deb


  1. Congrats on your Shasta. Saw where you asked for info on the have a Astroflyte. Also saw where you are having trouble finding info on the trailer. There are two Yahoo groups that are dedicated to Shastas. Search Yahoo groups for ClassicShastas and VintageShastas. Once joining the groups be sure to check out the photo and file sections of both groups. You'll find a wealth of info on your trailer. One of the most common questions about your model of trailer is "What's the difference between the Astrodome and Astroflyte?" Both are cabover models and the difference is that the Astrodome has a toilet and the Astroflyte doesn't. Good Luck with the restoration!

  2. So nice to see another Astroflyte owner. I think we are a rare breed. I see more Astrodome's than Astroflytes. Your's is coming along nicely! Keep up the great work.

    Kelle & Daisy Shasta